Bareboat Rental Key West

What is A Bareboat Sail?

If you have heard the term bareboat sail, or have searched bareboat sail Key West into the internet you are probably wondering exactly what the term means. A bareboat rental is a rental where you rent the whole boat, with zero provisions nor a captain to show you the area and do the work of sailing the vessel. You should be qualified and experienced in driving the craft you rent and ordering a charter with a captain and amenities is typical the way to go for most people wanting to enjoy the views of the ocean near Key West.


If you have already typed bareboat Rental Key West, or bareboat sail Key West then you likely have experience as a captain and experience in catamaran sailing. If you are an experienced sailor contact us for rental rates and bareboat packages for the area. We love to meet like-minded skilled sailors and to show off our fleet of luxury vessels that have all been successful in various ventures locally and across the globe.


If you want to simply relax and let us take care of it all, and also learn new things about the oceans around the Florida Keys book one of our chartered tours. You will find your captain to be friendly, and most importantly knowledgeable about the ins about outs of the ocean in the area as well as the best spots for whatever activity you plan on enjoying on your vacation. We can show you great fishing spots, stunning sunsets, host events like birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties, and more. Our chartered services have so many more amenities than simply being on a boat, you get to relax and plan your vacation without worrying about navigation details or how to run a new vessel.