Luxury Catamaran Charter Key West

Some Say That a Luxury Catamaran Charter Key West is the Best Way to See Florida and We Agree

Key West is unlike any other place in the United States. The locals are subject to the whims of the weather and the island's flora and fauna (which honestly consists of a ton of chickens, key deer, iguanas, stunning tropical flowers, and mostly balmy sunny days) but we are still subject to it! Time seems to go by a little slower and everyone is a bit more laid back than on the mainland. There is nothing quite like a vacation to the tip of the country, but if you really want to experience Florida you must try a captained charter. We offer captained charter Key West for locals and tourists who really want to get a feel for island life.


Our luxury catamaran charter Key West options come with your own captain to show you the area and keep you safe on the waters on while on the luxury watercraft. The catamarans offered are full luxury. You will find a perfectly clean vessel with viewing decks for entertaining, a kitchen if needed, bathrooms, and comfortable sitting rooms. Imagine seeing the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico from a luxury boat. You may see dolphins leaping in time with your boat pace, sea turtles peeking their beaks up to see what you are all about, sharks, coral reefs, sunken statues, and/or stunning sunsets depending on your tour package.


Contact us to find out how we can help you plan your next vacation excursion. From a simple four-hour sunset tour to a seven-day weekend and variations in between we can provide you the boat package you need to really get a full taste of the Florida Keys for as long as you prefer.