Andrew Knott

Andrew's love of the sea began when he started coming to the Keys in his teenage years and through college summers to serve as crew on board the Boy Scout's Florida National High Adventure Sea Base.  Andrew knew that captaining was the life for him, but had the wisdom to finish his bachelors degrees in finance and in entrepreneurship.  With those degrees in hand,he moved to the Keys, qualified as a USCG 50 ton captain, and you would never know that he wasn't a Key West native.  He is a master of local waters and is an accomplished fishing charter captain as well as private sailing charters.

Stephen Baker

Sailor for over 20 years and traveler of the world, Stephen is a true local Key West Captain who knows these shallow waters so well he never has to look at the GPS. A true sailor to the bone, he can tell you everything you’d want to know about sailing from celestial navigation to what it’s like to live on a 45’ Morgan in paradise. Originally a wildland firefighter, paramedic, and fisherman on the Bering Sea, you are in good hands with Stephen!

Gregg Billman

Grew up on St Croix, USVI in the 1970s and 80s.  Sailing since 14 years old….from small Hobies to 45’+ monos to 46’+ cats.  Retired USAF: flew F-111s and F-15s.  Retired defense industry VP (and corporate pilot): national security space industry.  Currently living in Stock Island Village Marina with his wife on their 2006 Leopard 40 which they have owned since new, and have done extensive modifications to for eventual worldwide cruising.  100 ton master certified with sailing and towing endorsements.

Morgan Rhew

Morgan grew up in North Carolina. After graduating from the University of North Carolina with a BA in Psychology, she found myself beginning a very exciting career on the water. Her first job was a solo stewardess on an 85 foot restored Trumpy out of Newport, RI, running charters all over the northern east coast, from NYC to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Maine. She then worked as a cook on a 110 ft sport fish out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She learned to sail in Europe sailing from Holland all the way to Ibiza, as a Bosun on a 50 foot Bavaria. A sail boat delivery led me to Key West, where she has spent the last 8 years working on sailing catamarans and as a mate on the schooner America 2.0. In 2015 she achieved her USCG 100 ton Masters Captains License, and has captained boats ranging from  41 to 71 feet. 

Forest Mackenzie

Forest started his career on the water as a young man working on boats in the Florida Keys during his summers in college. His love for fishing led him to the cold waters of Dutch Harbor Alaska where he began working as a commercial fisherman. Over the course of several years, Forest spent his off-seasons traveling the world with different jobs on the water, from a liveaboard sailboat charter running dive trips to a Trans-Atlantic crossing on a catamaran sailboat. Through these experiences, he has developed a broad range of skills and achieved a 100 Ton Master Captains License, captaining vessels from 30-80' with sailing and towing endorsements. After years of moving around and sailing through the Caribbean, Forest decided to return to the Florida Keys where he continues fishing and sailing the waters he started out on.

Steve Kocis

Steve, a former US Marine, has been sailing for over 40 years. He participated and excelled in the Navy sailing program in San Diego, CA. He has captained aboard catamarans for many years in Key West, Fla. and he typically spends over 100 days per year as a Captain.  He has crossed the gulf stream southbound to the Caribbean from Key West over 200 times. Steve holds a Juris Doctor Degree and an MBA, and is currently Professor of Marine Engineering at the College of the FL Keys.

Steve Anderson

Steve story can be summarized as "from ranch life to salt life". Originally from a cattle ranch in Texas, he grew up in Tampa and has been living in the Florida keys on and off since 2009. Steve attended Eckerd College, at which time he worked as a dive master. After graduating, he set out to Kodiak, Alaska to commercially fish. He earned his 100 ton license and began working on a live aboard diving boat, taking multi-day excursions to the Tortugas. Steve captained schooners, catamarans in Key West as large as 70ft, as well as private yacht charters. He has operated tow boats through some of Florida's hairiest inlets. Some of Steve's epic voyages include taking an 100ft research vessel from Key West to Puerto Rico and Charleston, and a 174ft research vessel around Hawaii. He loves fishing, wakeboarding and pretty much anything having to do with the ocean. In fact, his blood, sweat and tears are made purely of salt water, although no one has ever seen him cry. With his knowledgeable and friendly demeanor, you can be sure that you will have a memorable, safe and enjoyable  trip with Captain Steve

Britt Baker

Britt carries a USCG 25 Ton Master Captain’s License with Sailing and Towing Endorsement.  For more than 30 years, Britt has sailed extensively through the Carribbean, Florida Keys, and up and down the east coast of the United States.  Britt is an experienced delivery captain, sailboat racer, avid diver, and wind surfer.

Cara Ceo  Cara is out of the country until Jan 2021

Cara is originally from Orlando, and has lived on and off in Key West for the past 6 years.  Her time away from Key West has been spent traveling and crewing on live-aboard ships. She has spent most of her career on traditionally rigged sail boats and square riggers (like "Pirates of the Carribbean") in New England for summers, and the Carribbean in winter.  She recently completed her 11th longitudinal Northern Atlantic crossing and is very happy to be back in Key West taking it easy.  She is a 100 ton Captain with multiple 500 ton limit endorsements.


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